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Solutions for Women's Healthcare

Solutions for Women's Healthcare

Digital Mammography Solutions  
Transform your department, clinic or screening program for improved productivity and more confident diagnosis.

Mammography Film Solutions

Mammography Film Solutions  
Choose the gold standard in mammography film technology with world-renowned mammography film.

Contact Us at Carestream Health

Contact Us
To have a sales rep contact you, please use the sales form. For product information or company questions, please use our general form.

Success Stories

120 Jane Brittain PACS
Success with Mammography PACS (video)
Decision makers at the Jane Brattain Breast Center in Minneapolis explain why they chose multiple CARESTREAM Mammography PACS workstations and how the Carestream solution has improved their workflow and productivity in reading mammograms.
PACS Mammography Workstation
Breast Center Selects Flexible Carestream PACS (PDF)  
Imaging Economics highlights Park Nicollet Jane Brattain Breast Center's investment in Carestream's multi-modality breast imaging workstation.
Carestream Mammo Continuing Education

Carestream Mammography Education  
Our global mammography continuing education programs keep you up-to-date on the latest breast imaging trends. Learn more about Carestream professional development opportunities:

  • Accredited Lectures
  • Hands-on Seminars
  • Online Training
  • Webinar Series 

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