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Applications and Use Cases

Discover the applications of our interoperable platform that enables your enterprise-wide clinical services.

Learn about the backbone that enables this enterprise-wide imaging platform.
Explore how your can reduce the cost of your enterprise imaging platform by purchasing our cloud-based service.
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One unified platform. Multiple Solutions.

Efficiently manage imaging data anytime. Anywhere.
  • Global Worklist
  • Scheduling
  • Order Management
Archive and acess clinically meaningful data throughout your enterprise using our enterprise repository
  • VNA
  • Acquisition Portal
Provides one workspace for the clinical tools and applications for convenient local and remote reporting.
  • Radiology
  • Mammo
  • Cardio
  • Reporting
  • Orthopedic Templating
Support dynamic collaboration between providers, patients, payers, admins and IT.
  • Enterprise viewer
  • Patient Engagement
  • Image Exchange
Provide automated, accurate & timely medical image diagnosis, business dashboard and report analysis.
  • Business Analytics
  • Clinical Analytics

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