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120 - Cheshire and Merseyside PACS

Sharing images accross eleven UK trusts with CARESTREAM PACS (PDF)   
The Cheshire and Merseyside Consortium, made up of eleven trusts has chosen Carestream to supply its CARESTREAM Vue PACS v11 as a managed service. 

Aintree Hospital

Carestream Vue Helps Cheshire & Merseyside Provide Better Patient Care (video)

Aintree Hospital in the United Kingdom explains how Carestream's cloud-based solution (Carestream Vue) allows an imaging exam to be performed at one site and then made accessible to a radiologist (or other specialist) for viewing from anywhere. 

Vue Motion at Spire Healthcare

Carestream’s Vue Motion Independent Viewer Roll-Out Completed At Spire Healthcare
“One of the benefits of Vue Motion is that our consultants can log on to our image database and print and download reports directly without reference to us, which is excellent, said Andrew Milne, Imaging Manager at Spire Hartswood Hospital.

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