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Motion Mobile X-Ray System

Digital Ready. Uniquely Designed

CARESTREAM Motion Mobile X-ray System* is a highly affordable mobile unit that is small, lightweight, and easy to use.

Motion Mobile is a highly economical bridge between analog, CR and DR imaging. Its unique upgradability allows you to customize the system to meet your needs today while planning for your future. 


*Not available for sale in North America 

Motion Mobile X-Ray System

Choice of manual or Anatomical Programmed Radiography (APR) mode for quick selection of exam technique.

8-inch touch screen monitor – easy to use to set protocols

Technologist’s choice of push button or hand switch exposure control

Manual light beam collimator

Tilt-step to lift wheels over small obstacles and for easier elevator access

30kW capacitor discharge generator

Optional DAP allows for relevant information needed for monitoring patient X-ray dose

  Motion Mobile Digital Analog System Features
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A single software platform compatible with DRX, legacy DR and floor-standing CR systems. 

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