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Media Contacts

Contacts listed below are intended for use by the news media.

Area of Focus


  • Corporate and business news
  • Primary media contact for information on all Carestream operations
  • U.S. product/markets news: medical businesses
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Backup on product news for all media contacts listed below

Robert B. Salmon
Director, Corporate Communications

585 627-6560

  • European product/markets news
  • All Carestream Health products

Robert Ashby
Manager, Media Relations, Europe

+44 (0) 1442 838821

  • Emerging Markets product/markets news
    Middle East, Africa, Greater Russia, Turkey, India, French Overseas Territories
  • All Carestream Health products

Mirna Bassil
Manager, Media Relations, Emerging Markets


  • China product/markets news
  • All Carestream Health products

Laura Teng
Manager, Media Relations, China

+010-65612366 ext 8723

  • Asia Cluster product/markets news
  • All Carestream Health products

Jessica McKay
Acting Marketing Manager, Asia Cluster, ANZ

+61 3 9274 3821

  • Latin America products/markets news
  • All Carestream Health products

Ruth Covarrubias
Markets Development & Marketing Coordinator, Latin America

Phone: +52 (33) 3134-6480


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