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  • Radiology and Health IT Leadershiip

    Radiology and Health IT Leadership

    Healthcare changes faster every day. Yet, your commitment to quality care remains constant. So does ours. We’re here to help improve the lives of people around the world. So we listen to you – then design new medical image capture and management solutions to better meet your needs.

  • Consolidate and Improve Access

    Consolidate and Improve Access

    CARESTREAM Vue Vendor Neutral Archive delivers centralized, universal data management. No matter where your images and data are stored, the archive provides access to the patient’s complete clinical record across the entire enterprise.

  • A Single Detector. A Family of Solutions

    A Single Detector. A Family of Solutions.

    Carestream’s wireless DRX detector works seamlessly across all our DRX capture solutions – so a single DRX detector goes with you…grows with you.

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Business Partners

Carestream works with a range of Business Partners across the UK and Ireland to ensure the maximum availability of our products and services to the widest number of potential customers. Please contact one of the following  Partners  who will be pleased to help you define and meet your exact requirements'.

For all film and chemistry orders in the UK and Ireland please contact one of our  Authorised Distributors .
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Feature Video

Clinical Collaboration Platform
Clinical Collaboration Platform Grown from the Enterprise VNA (video)
Optimize collaboration using clinical data across and outside the enterprise, break down walls between departments, and provide physicians with a single view.
Aintree Hospital

Carestream Vue Helps Cheshire & Merseyside Provide Better Patient Care (video)

Aintree Hospital in the United Kingdom explains how Carestream's cloud-based solution (Carestream Vue) allows an imaging exam to be performed at one site and then made accessible to a radiologist (or other specialist) for viewing from anywhere. 

120 - Cobalt & Carestream

Cobalt & Carestream: Empowering Patients with Vue Motion and MyVue (video)
Cobalt Imaging explains the advantages of using CARESTREAM Vue Motion and CARESTREAM MyVue within the organizations.


Innovation on the Move
Get on the road to accelerated productivity and elevated patient care starting with a test drive of the CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution.

For a test drive demo contact us:

60 - White Paper

The Benefits of Mobile X-rays in Thoracic and Cardiac Care   
In this article Diane Evans, Radiology Education Specialist at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust discusses mobile x-rays in thoracic and cardiac care.

Cheshire and Merseyside PACS
Cheshire and Merseyside PACS
Cheshire & Merseyside Consortium professionals discuss Carestream's installaion of CARESTREAM PACS across 11 sites.
A Smarter Way Forward
Carestream Offers A Smarter Way Forward (video)
Learn how we apply 100 years of experience to create inventive, elegant solutions that offer a smarter way forward
Vue Motion at Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare Implements Vue Motion Mobile Viewer (video)
See how consultants gain access to imaging data anytime, anywhere. 

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