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What is eXceed?  

It is our corporate initiative to provide the best customer experience in the industry.  This initiative includes:

  • Commitment to behaviors that create a customer centric culture
  • Interviews to collect data on our customers’ experiences
  • Analysis to identify and implement customer experience improvements across our organization
  • Metrics to track our progress
  • Recognition for employees that demonstrate customer focus, and eXceed customer expectations
  Our Vision. Our Values.

CUSTOMERS are the beginning and the end of everything we do. We understand their needs, exceed their expectations in ways that are meaningful to them, and enable their success.

Let us know when a Carestream team member exceeds your expectations and nominate a champion.

60 Testimonial

"We talked Carestream into changing their support model. They are assigning one person to each site, so now we talk to a specific person each time. This person is familiar with our site and with how we are set up and what we do." - Manager 

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White Mouse

Nominate a Champion  
Let us know when a Carestream team member exceeds your expectations.

60 Testimonial
CARESTREAM Service & Support Experience

“Their service is the best. They do an excellent job of making sure I am kept in the loop as to what they are doing to resolve my problems.” – Manager

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Focus on Customer video

Carestream Employees and Customers Define Focus (video)
See how your needs drive our focused approach to research and innovation, design and manufacturing, service and support.

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